Monochord - Standing Monochord

Monochord  Standing Monochord

The Monochord

The most classical, traditional and ancient musical string instrument.

It all started a long time ago, in the Antique, as a plain diagnostic instrument used to measure tension, frequency or density of vibrations (also called Sonometer) "reactived" by Pythagoras - well-known as mathematician. The monochord was already mentioned in Sumerian records for 1000 of years. For us, the Monochord developed itself into wonderful musical equipment.
Today, the Monochord is an amazing, unique harmonic, which is often used for meditation, in clinicalsettings like spa clinics, rehabs as well as in music and sound therapies.Nowadays, it is simply impossible to wipe out the existence of a Monochord in these applications. It is an enormous enrichment for all: for you, in your practice, for your patients and customers and wherever "in the field" you may use it.
It is easy! Through it simplicity to play and the growing popularity makes the Monochord even more valuable and appreciated than ever. The high-quality, double-sided Monochords, I manufacture in my workshop, are all tuned to the same tone. Waves of sounds result in a tremendous harmonic which matched the impact of a complete orchestra

  • String course on 2 levels

    String course on 2 levels

  • Tuning peg with strings

    Tuning peg with strings

  • Douglas fir/Service Tree

    ... Douglas fir / Service Tree ...

  • Concertmonochord with walnut

    Concerttype with walnut

  • Fine tuning beads

    Fine tuning pearls for quick tuning

  • Studiomonochord

    ... special for Studio ...

  • Service tree

    ..Service tree on the sides..

  • Ornament on the frames.

    ...Ornament on the frames...

  • Dolphin as sound hole

    ... Dolphin as sound hole ...

  • with OM Symbol

    "... with OM and bridges ...

  • Snail as resonance hole

    Snail as resonance hole

  • Flower of Live as Ornament

    ..Flower of Live..

  • spruce/walnut

    ..spruce / walnut..

  • walnut / spruce / ash

    walnut / spruce / ash

  • little Flames in the  frames

    little Flames in the frames

String course on 2 levels. Tuning peg with strings. Douglas fir / Service Tree Concert monochord with walnut fine tuning Studiomonochord Service tree on the sides Ornament on the frames Dolphin as sound hole. with OM and bridges Snail as resonance hole Flower of Live spruce / walnut walnut/spruce/ash Flames in the  frames


Our entire range of Monochords, resonating box, cover, sides and small parts, made of natural wood, can be played in a standing as well as in a lying position. Of course, a custom-made construction completely adapted to your needs, individuality and desires, can be made at your request at any time. Just contact us

A small advice: Just play the Monochord about 10 minutes for warming up. The sounds become far more impressive and intensive, goose bumps guarantee! The monochord displays its full shale of rich overtone harmonic.Visit us, try it out and enjoy.
Monochord  (l x w x h): 140cm or 120cm x 30cm x 15cm

classical monochord

strung with 2 x 21 strings;
( l x w x h ): 120cm x 25cm x 15cm
(approx. 47,25 x 9,84 *5,90 inches)

big Conzertmonochord
horizontal playing
Large stand concert monochord
upright position

The smallest of our standard Monochords: very compact and excellent for mobile use. The ideal instrument for sound work with or on patients.

price 1090 €

large Monochord

2 x 27 strings for even more sonority.
( l x w x h ): 120cm x 30cm x 15cm
(approx. 47,25 x 11,8 *5,90 inches)

Large Concertmonochord horizontal
playable on two levels
large Standconcertmonochord
upright position - standing

A strong volume of sound due to the large resonating body and increased number of strings.
The ideal instrument for events in larger rooms.

price 1190 €

large Concertmonochord

2 x 27 Saiten
( l x w x h): 140cm x 30cm x 15cm
(approx. 55,11 x 11,8 *5,90 inches)

horizontal large Concertmonochord
with sliding bridges
large Standconcert Monochord

A tremendous strong sound volume, caused by the curved, free-swinging soundboards on both sides. Through this construction and the larger resonating body, the sound gains even more in depth and richness of the overtones.
The ideal instrument for large rooms and if not used, it is really an eyecatcher.

price 1390 €

Instruments with ornaments and motifs

Make your instrument even more unique with a special decoration, sign or ornament at the sides of the Monochord or on the wooden front part of the soundboard. If should not only please you when playing. It should be delightful to look at too. Talk with us about your wishes and possible implementation. Some examples.
flying lion legendary unicorn Monochord with flower of life Blume des Lebens aus Metall Monochord with OM Symbol Monochord with spiral Monochord with dolphin

With fine tuning pearls

The hitch pins for fine tuning make a quick retuning possible. You can avoid the retuning by using a tuning key.
You can make a readjustment of 1 ½ tunes.
Fine tuning beads from horn Fine tuning beads from wood Monochord with wooden fine tuning beads

Other forms:


Over the years, I have had Andreas create three sound instruments and a gong stand for me.
The instruments are a great blessing for my sound work. The love for the sounds and the inner knowledge of Andreas give the sounds breadth, warmth and fineness.
The overtone vibration is of such brilliance that it brings one into deep inner peace and lets others experience an almost weightless light state. The price-performance ratio is excellent.

Gaiana Glatz Ice
relaxation trainer, music and Montessori teacher, sound artist; sound massage practitioner according to Peter Hess, member of the European Association for Sound-Massage-Therapy

For many years I have a sound couch and various monochords by Andreas, which I include in my sound work and I am very happy about it.
With every year the instruments are getting better, sounding in beautiful overtones.
I don't want to miss the instruments, I know that, what a loving hand they come from. To the participants of my seminars, I heartily recommend the Workshop of Sounds by Andreas.

Maria Magdalena Bölling
Sound of the Earth - Institute for Health and Prevention

It has a very wonderful sound and is very stable in mood. It always gives me a great pleasure to play the monochord
and it greatly enriches my sound and relaxation work in my sound oasis.

Mathilde Tepper Dipl.-Social Worker / Dipl.-Sozialpädagogin; Music Geragogin (DGfMG e.V.)Creative Specialist Therapist Gerontopsychiatry (SMEI)

Playing a Monochord

Instruments to feel and touch

You can try out and test the instruments in the relaxed atmosphere of my atelier. Feel and enjoy the sounds and influences of music, by playing the instruments.

Consultation and Advice

To achieve an optimally, suitable instrument for you, a personal consultation is important.

I can offer you my long-year of experience and skill, to find the best matching instrument for you. You will get a concise introduction in wood science showing different woods, their sounds and colours as well as how to find the best composition of various components for your personal instrument.

Buy a Monochord.

Quality and perfection at correct, fair prices.

If you pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care. Shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent to you insured.Picking up at the atelier: I would be pleased to give you a briefing in playing, tuning and maintaining your instrument. Shipping: The instruments are carefully packed and sent to you. The shipment is insured from our side.