Sitting in the sound

"pure indulgence"

Children and cat in sound

Soundchair with cradle

Comfortable sitting in the waves of the sound combined with the feeling of rocking. Simply unbeatable

Easy playing due to the string guides on the back of the chair. At the side openings you also have the opportunity to play for yourself. 36 strings give the instrument the necessary sonority and make the chair vibrate strongly. Surely an unforgettable experience.
If the rocking is felt to be too "violent or uncomfortable", the soundchair can be used in a fixed position by simply removing the rocking skids. Surely also optically an "eye-catcher."
Due to its compact design, the soundchair can be used anywhere. You will surely find a suitable place in your home, office or practice
Two instruments in one...the weighing machine. The chair is convertible into a soundcradle. A successful combination. Soundchair classic:
The chair can be used as a fixed chair or rocking chair. Also especially suitable for wheelchair users.

  • ... Children and cat in the soundchair...

    ... Children and cat in sound...

  • with rocking skids for swinging

    with rocking skids for swinging

  • String course and opening to play yourself

    String course and opening to play yourself

  •  Tuning peg and suspension of the sound chair

    Tuning peg and suspension of the sound chair

  • .. converted into a cradle ..

    .. converted into a cradle ..

  • ..spacious place in the cradle..

    ..spacious place in the cradle...

  • View of the soundchair

    View of the chair

  • ..Back view of the chair..

    ..Back view of the chair..

  • ..easy to play from behind..

    ..easy to play from behind..

  • ..Fun and good mood in the Klangstuhl..

    ..Fun and good mood in the Soundchair..

Fun and good mood in the soundchair kids and cat in the soundfield with rocking skids for swinging String course and opening to play yourself Tuning peg and suspension of the sound chair .. quickly converted into a cradle .. spacious place in the cradle View of the sound chair Back view of the chair easy to play from behind

- create a small power oasis -

Create a very personal place for yourself at home. - A small oasis of strength - where you can "release" yourself, and where you can enjoy the sounds of the soundchair surrounded by new impulses and a feeling of joy. Just the right thing after a long day at work or just in between, to look after yourself "self to focus and draw new strength. So you can recharge your "battery `s" quite fast and master your everyday life.
Also ideal as a partner application. To be played by yourself or to give your partner this experience is of course even nicer. Of course you can also use the rocking chair as a purely functional item. As a reading corner, meditation place or like our grandmothers,- for sitting and rocking.
Surely you will get some suitable ideas yourself .......

Info`s about the  Soundchair

Sound sample with 44 strings


The Soundchair

Sound body dimensions ( b x w x d): 168cm x 82cm x 54cm

price 3190 €


The construction and functionality is based on the design of old rocking chairs. A suitable angle to the runners, lets you relax and comfortably sit at a slight angle, without having the feeling of falling over backwards. Our experienced carpenters in the past already had the right impulses for this. Of course it is an immense progress to refine it with strings, so that you can benefit from the sounds. - Have fun with it -

Playing a Soundchair

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I can offer you my long-year of experience and skill, to find the best matching instrument for you. You will get a concise introduction in wood science showing different woods, their sounds and colours as well as how to find the best composition of various components for your personal instrument.

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