Soundcradle, Children's sound cradle

Soundcradle   Children's sound cradle

Experience sound up close

Embedded in the sound of the cradle a pleasant feeling is created. You literally lie in the middle of the sound centre.

This special custom-made product reproduces the round, soft sound, which is produced in very strong vibrations through the wood (no industrial product) is transported. This micro-vibration is then transmitted to your body. It is perceived as very pleasant and relaxing. Just like the buoyancy of water. A massage takes place which works in a very fine and energetic way. The cells and the energy channels are stimulated with new information. and sound waves strengthened.
But the sound can do even more, it touches your innermost being, your soul. You come to rest and can thus recharge your batteries with new strength and energy.

  • Sound recording of the cradle

    Soundcradle and children sound cradle are made of real wood. The round lying surface is glued from many individual strips. As I know, this is the only construction method in the German speaking area, which is based on the traditional canoe and kayak construction.
    This technique results in an even more effective sound and the "special more" of vibration energy of the wood.
    The soundcradle is designed for adults up to 120kg load capacity.

    • .. Children`s soundcradle ..

      ... Children`s soundcradle ...

    • .. Children's sound cradle in action ..

      ... Children's sound cradle in action ...

    • large Soundcradle

      ...large Sound cradle...

    • simple double sided play

      ..simple double sided play..

    • ...converted to a sound chair...

      ...converted to a sound chair...

    • ...for concerts or sound chair...

      ...for concerts or sound chair...

    • more strings than the old cradle

      ... even more strings than the old cradle ...

    • with headboards to put down

      ...with headboards to put down...

    • converted to a seat

      converted to a seat

    • ... so much fun ...

      ... so much fun ...

    so much fun Children`s soundcradle Children's sound cradle in action large soundcradle easy playing converted to a sound chair for concerts or soundchair even more strings than the old cradle for special moments with Weighing skids


  • Birth trauma is a shorthand phrase for the post-traumatic disorder after childbirth and can be released - under guidance of a therapist - to find a satisfying and relieving solution.

  • The fears of life and survival - centred in the "Muladhara" Chakra or root chakra can be relieved and give you the feeling of stability and safety.

  • The sound events, concerts and sound meditations are not only a "hearing" event, they result in a deep and intensive feeling of sound..

  • Panic attacks and states of anxiety can be harmonised.

  • Panic attacks and feelings of anxiety can balanced Hyperactive or short-tempered children wind down and become companionable.

  • Of course, just using it to enjoy and have a good time is the best way to use it for yourself.

  • Depending on the bridge position, the sound cradle varies between low A and E. C sharp is often also perceived as very pleasant and soothing. Special sound variations are of course possible.

    Fitted with additional feet, the soundcradle can be converted to stand upright and is therefore suitable for also for sound concerts.

    The size of the sound cradle is adapted to individual physical needs.
    Whether toddler or adult, it is soothing and relaxing to be gently rocked and pampered with sounds.

    Sound cradles are also available as a combination package.
    With feet and a separate cradle plate, the cradle can be converted into a sound couch in a few easy steps.

    Info`s about  Sound cradle / Children`s Soundcradle


    The Soundcradle

    big sound cradle 205cm l * 80cm *65 cm; 44 strings

    price 3490 €

    children sound cradle 130cm l * 65cm *44 cm; 22 strings

    price 1990 €


    The soundcradle is very often used in the Klosterbergschule Schwäbisch Gmünd.
    It contributes greatly to the basal development of our students. Especially our pupils with severe multiple disabilities enjoy the holistic sensory experience.
    The sounds in combination with the vibratory experience contribute optimally to the improvement of body perception.
    Wrapped in the sound space, some non-speaking pupils start to lute,
    thus verbally contact the teacher; restless pupils come to rest, can relax and thereby concentrate on their bodies first.
    We are very happy that we purchased the sound cradle from you and are also highly satisfied with your service.

    Klosterbergschule Schwäbisch Gmünd

    Children's soundbed and body monochord in our nursery! Mr. Müller made this instrument for us without any problems on request, we were allowed to try it out for free
    Our change requests were also all fulfilled. So that everybody, parents, children and educators are enthusiastic.
    That's why it didn't take long until we ordered a body monochord from him.
    Both instruments are regularly used in our institution. In our dream hour there are experiences that can hardly be put into words by the sound of the instruments.
    An inner balance is established among all participants. These instruments are an enrichment for every day care centre! Thank you says the DRK-Kita-Rottorf!

    DRK Kindertagesstätte Rottorf

    LöwenKinder Frankurt (Oder) e.V. is a competence centre for families whose children suffer from serious or life-shortening illnesses
    Through the use of the soundcradle ("Ernst Prost Foundation") made available to our children and young people we can implement our concept of wholeness even better
    and are thus able to to relieve stress symptoms / pain or activate physiological functions through the resulting inner peace. The cradle not only benefits our Löwen Kinder, but also their families.

    LöwenKinder Frankfurt (Oder) e.V.

    Playing a Soundcradle

    Instruments to feel and touch

    You can try out and test the instruments in the relaxed atmosphere of my atelier. Feel and enjoy the sounds and influences of music, by playing the instruments.

    Consultation and Advice

    To achieve an optimally, suitable instrument for you, a personal consultation is important.

    I can offer you my long-year of experience and skill, to find the best matching instrument for you. You will get a concise introduction in wood science showing different woods, their sounds and colours as well as how to find the best composition of various components for your personal instrument.

    Buy a Soundcradle.

    Quality and perfection at correct, fair prices.

    If you pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care. Shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent to you insured.Picking up at the atelier: I would be pleased to give you a briefing in playing, tuning and maintaining your instrument. Shipping: The instruments are carefully packed and sent to you. The shipment is insured from our side.