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Instruments from the Werkstatt der Klänge 
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Nice of you to drop by. Enjoy the numerous photos and information about the instruments. The sound recordings, which are shown extra high up on the individual pages appear, can accompany you musically while you read and watch. You will experience and discover how the sounds of the different instruments to have an effect on you.

Have fun. - Here's an example:

live recording of the Klangwelten concert " Monochord with Hang-drum "

Enrich your valuable work on or with your fellow human beings with sounds from Monochord, Sound cradle, Sound bed, Kotamo, Sound chair and much more.
Or simply for pure "pleasure", for yourself.

Sound furniture in perfection
Let yourself be carried away into the world of sounds and see the varied selection of instruments that invite you to listen and live. Production and development in our own workshop guarantee high quality.


The woodwork is made of local woods, in which I can give free rein to my individuality and imagination. The refinement of wood into works of art, each in its own way, is unique. Natural oils give the textured surface its own charm and character.
Feel and experience the sounds of the instruments, which are made especially for you and work in a very subtle and energetic way. The energy cells and channels are strengthened by new impulses and sound waves. But sound can do even more, it touches your innermost being, your soul. You can rest and recharge your strength and energy.
Confidence in 15 years of creating instruments


Fernsehinterview und Image Film

Image film

a.tv Interview with Mr Braun from February 2018


Presentation of my sound idea

It's nice that the a.TV crew came to see me and made a little movie published about me and my studio.
Mr Braun interviews in his own funny way and manner.

New in the assortment

Finally, after many years of storage, the Douglas fir is carpenter-dry and can be used for resonating bodys and soundboards. Douglas fir stands for an even better brilliance of the overtone spectrum. In terms of colour it reaches the larch, only that it is a shade of orange.
... Just ask ...

for special moments ...

Playing sound furniture and instruments

Test instruments

Experience and test the instruments in a relaxed atmosphere in my studio. Let yourself be "playfully" involved with the sounds and their effects.


Personality is important

Benefit in a personal consultation from my expertise and many years of experience in instrument making. You will learn more about the woods and their sound characteristics as well as the structure of the factory. In addition to the optimal composition of the components for your personal instrument.

Buy sound furniture and instruments

Perfection at fair prices

If you come to pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care.
Shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent insured.