feel sounds directly

"pure pleasure"

directly on the body

Body Monochord, Lay-up Monochord

Effective way to feel and experience sounds directly on the body.

Bodymonochord with a very vibrating, slightly curved soundboard that ergonomically adapts to the body.
Also ideal to replace a sound bed or for mobile useing.
On request also available in tambura tuning .

Fields of application:

  • Can be used for both prone and supine position. Especially good for back and neck muscle tensions.

  • It can also be placed separately on the knees and pelvis to ensure a "flow" there as well.

  • Lately it has been increasingly used in coma vigil patients.

  • Panic attacks and anxiety can be relieved

  • Ideally also for day-care centres as a partner exercise and sensitisation

  • Or simply for yourself and your partner to "recharge your batteries and center yourself.

My children call it affectionately "belly tickler"

sound example   with 27 strings

Body Monochord Body Tambura

"small one" 21 strings: 90 bzw. 70cm l * 25cm w *13cm h
"bigger one" 27 strings: 90 bzw. 70cm l * 30cm w *13cm h
Of course special sizes and "extra feet" are possible on request.

other Monochord types

  • Monochords classic
  • Oval Monochords

    • Ideal as partner exercise

      Ideal as partner exercise

    • concave shape for optimal hold on the body

      concave shape for optimal hold on the body

    • ... 27 strings ...

      ... 27 strings ...

    • with transport bag

      with transport bag

    • large, wide with 27 strings

      large, wide with 27 strings

    • optimal for prone or supine position

      optimal for prone or supine position

    for prone or supine position for partner exercise concave shape for optimal holding 27 strings travel / transport bag large and wide

    What sound colleagues say about Bodymonochord ....

    We have 2 instruments, a sound bed and a body monochord. We are very happy with it. With the sound bed we have treated different people and found that for example with old shoulder problems, the sound first awakened the memory of it, then the relaxation happened and the pain disappeared.
    With the Bodymonochord we have achieved fast relief e.g. with panic attacks .

    Siegfried u. Dori Schmidt   Spirit healer and lightworker

    My girlfriends are excited about the sounds and the vibration/vibration of the sounding body, which easily continues through the body. Even the dying in the hospice find the sounds very soothing. Spherical and allow everyone to relax at different depths and for different lengths of time. I myself come to peace and relaxation when playing!

    Theresia / Hospice Stuttgart

    Playing a body monochord

    Test instruments

    Experience and test the instruments in a relaxed atmosphere in my studio. Let yourself be "playfully" involved with the sounds and their effects.


    Personality is important

    Benefit in a personal consultation from my expertise and many years of experience in instrument making. You will learn more about the woods and their sound characteristics as well as their factory structure. As well as the optimal composition of the components for your personal instrument.

    Buy a bodymonochord

    Perfection at fair prices

    If you pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care.
    shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent to you insured.