Sound bed Cellosoundbed

Soundbed   Cellosoundbed

Experience sound up close

A massage bench with special relaxation effect

This special custom-made product reproduces the round, soft sound that is transported through the wood in very strong vibrations.
It is perceived as very pleasant and relaxing. One is literally embedded in the sound and a floating feeling spreads. Just like the buoyancy of water. Thus a massage takes place which works in a very fine and energetic way. The cells and energy channels are strengthened with new information and sound waves. But the sound can do even more, it touches your innermost being, your soul. You come to rest and can thus recharge your batteries with new strength and energy.

They can be comfortably, with a few small steps, put upright for concerts or to save space.

  • Live recording of the Sound bed at the Klangwelten concert
  • Info`s about the  sound bed / children`s sound bed

    Cello sound bed (33 strings), lying surface 200cm x 75/80cm
    sound couch straight form (33 strings), lying surface 200cm x 80cm


    Construction and sound

    All sound beds are designed for a weight up to 120kg. Special sizes are possible by arrangement. Equipped with additional feet, the sound bed can be converted to standing position. and is therefore also suitable for sound concerts.
    Depending on the bridge position, the sound bed varies between a low A and E. C sharp is often also perceived as very pleasant and soothing. Special sound variations are of course possible.
    Sound loungers are also available with additional surface for singing bowls or massage accessories.

    • also as concert instrument vertical..

      ..also as concert instrument vertical..

    • Sound bed with oval shape..

      ...Sound bed with oval shape...

    • special feet and brackets..

      ...special feet and brackets...

    • Bed with singing bowl support..

      bed with singing bowl support

    • ..for the whole family..

      ...for the whole family...

    • Sound bed especially for singing bowls..

      Sound bed especially for singing bowls

    • sides mounted with wood screws..

      sides mounted with wood screws

    • pure desire for sound experience..

      pure desire for sound experience

    pure desire for sound experience also as concert instrument vertical Sound bed with oval shape special feet and brackets Couch with singing bowl support for the whole family Sound bed especially for singing bowls sides mounted with wood screws

    Fields of application are among others:

  • Birth traumas, in which up to 20% of the potential is trapped, are broken open and can be can be solved.
  • Deep life and survival fears, which are stored in the root centre and in the hips / knees, are released and integrated.
  • Sound events, concerts as well as sound meditations are enhanced by an outstanding sonority.
  • Panic attacks and states of anxiety can be harmonised.
  • Hyperactive and/or easily irritable children become "calmer and more sociable".
  • Or simply use it to feel good, for pure "pleasure".

  • What sound colleagues say about the sound bed .....

    Since 2008 my wife and I have been working with the sound therapy method according to Walter Häfner, in which among other things the sounds of a sound couch are integrated. Every time anew it is a real pleasure for me to hear the sound couches of Andreas to play at our sound sessions. The round, warm, multifaceted and mystical Sound is enchanting!
    My wife and I have already received from Andreas 2 sound couches, 4 large gong stands, a monochord and have a great wooden pyramid built. With his way of building instruments, the instruments themselves, his service and above all the sound of the loungers we are absolutely satisfied, which is why I am I can only recommend this work to others. For the "spirit of an instrument" it is a gift to be able to recommend someone like Andreas, who produces his works with such care and love. Thank you and continue all the best.

    Dana u. Tobias Forderer
    Dipl. social pedagogue and sound therapist

    The base frame and the border of my sound couch was built by Andreas Müller according to my specifications. He realized my wishes in an ideal way! Some sound guests feel the effect of the sound couch: "as if your cells were dancing along"! They enthuse, "as if a pleasant harmony is spreading in your body"! I myself am carried away by these sounds. The sounds, the vibrations flood my whole body. A rarely felt harmony spreads through my body! It is as if every single cell in my body is touched! I can enter (or better said, I am carried away, I can fly away) into other dimensions.

    Wolfgang Rogg Electrical engineer and sound therapist and trainer after Walter Häfner

    playing Sound bed

    Test instruments

    Experience and test the instruments in a relaxed atmosphere in my studio. Let yourself be "playfully" involved with the sounds and their effects.


    Personality is important

    Benefit in a personal consultation from my expertise and many years of experience in instrument making. You will learn more about the woods and their sound characteristics as well as their factory structure. As well as the optimal composition of the components for your personal instrument.

    Buy a Soundbed

    Perfection at fair prices

    If you pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care.
    shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent to you insured.